Dear Sir/Madam,
For the last couple of years AxPro Carpets expands our offer systematically in regards to products and services.
Today you will find in our offer not only carpet but also other floor coverings and interior elements such as decorative fabrics and wallpapers.
The scope of our services has increased significantly and is not only connected with carpet.
The hitherto name of the company AxPro Carpets / carpet does not represent the real activity and nowadays offer advantages of our firm.
Our mission is to deliver a complex products and services' offer in response to present needs of investors.
The offer should correspond to a usage, design and budget concept of every investment ("Concept").
For the reasons above, we have decided to change the name of our company from AxPro Carpets Sp. zo.o. to AxPro Concept Sp. zo.o.
We hope that you will like the new name and soon you take full advantage of our concept during the realization of your investment.

Exclusive rugs and carpets

Carpet may remake the character of the entire interior- no matter if it is office open space, study in the Presidential Palace or a museum room. In order to emphasize the internal elegance, introduce vivid atmosphere or creative concentration we can eleborate for you unique rugs with beautiful designs and durable quality that will make them last for years.

Modern technology and woolen woven rugs

We combine technological novelties in the production of carpets together with the artistic skills of our weavers. Thanks to that we can create original projects according to the individual orders of our customers closely corresponding to the interior concepts. We also produce PA rugs and carpets, exceptionally durable and long-lasting also when used in the offices.

New Zealand wool and silk

During the rug production we use a wide palette of high quality materials. We use, among other materials, New Zealand wool (merynos), famous for its anibacterial and self-cleaning characteristics but also delicacy and softness. We select various types of silk, and in order to increase the durability, we also use PA threads. We are familiar with our products that is why we know what to do to keep the rugs and carpets’ beauty as well as durability.

Demanding customers, who are looking for carpets perfectly suiting the interiors but also resistant to intensive usage, will find in our offer products created according to custom-tailored expectations. We are inviting you to submit individual orders, as well as to purchase the rugs already at hand in our offer.